16 oz. Revitalize™ Floor Renewer

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Instantly Restores Shine & Luster To ALL Floors
REVITALIZE™ FLOOR RE-NEWER is a new revolutionary polymer based floor finish that will instantly bring back life to almost any flooring to make it look showroom new. Revitalize™ fills in scratches, brings back vibrant unsurpassed shine, seals and protects from stains, and adds up to 50% more traction... and one application lasts for months. And with the NEW UV Ray Barrier™, Revitalize™ will help protect your floors from the damaging effects of UV rays.

Revitalize™ Floor Renewer
Instantly Restores Shine & Luster To ALL Floors
• Fills in scratches & eliminates dull spots
• Seals grout & protects floors
• UV Ray Barrier™ Protects Floors from fading and yellowing
• Great for new & old floors



Is Excellent For Every Type of Hard Surface Flooring Including:

•Hardwood •Laminate •Parquet
•Vinyl • Linoleum • No Wax • Fiberglass
•Tile • Grout • Terrazzo • Concrete
•Sealed Marble • Slate • Flagstone • Cork